Art & Experience: The review session of “In the Alleys of Love” by  Khosrow Sinai produced in 1369(1991) will be held in Mashhad.

Hoveyzeh complex of Mashhad is the host of “In the Alleys of Love” review session On Sunday 21st of November. The session will start at 5 PM and the movie will be on screen for audiences. At 7 PM the review session will start with the attendance of Khosrow Sinai, the director and Keyvan Kasirian as critic.

In the Alleys of Love is an Iranian war film about Khorramshahr shortly after the Iran–Iraq War. The story is about a young man reflecting on his childhood, love and the journey that unfolded after his family were forced to flee their devastated village. The film was shot in colour on 35 mm film. Khosrow Sinai wrote, directed, and produced the film and composed the music. Edition of the movie was done by Khosrow Sinai and Ali Loghmani. It was the first acting experience of Mahdi Ahmadi. Hamid Farokhnejad was in one of the scenes of the movie, he was the director’s assistant in this film. Levon Haftvan had an small presence in the movie too. 

This movie was screened in Fajr Festival of 1369 and one of the first movies which was attended to 1991 Cannes Film Festival after revolution.