Art and Experience: I don’t want to talk about the film of “Homa’s Hamid” of Sajjadi and who it was made; I just want to write about the way of Homa of the film was in front of the camera. The actress who is not acting, she is herself or somebody very close to herself. Homa who had always strength voice in the film tried to keep her balance in her words which are slipped from her lips cruelly. Its visual appearance is the red line around her lips which is so obvious and it seems that it’s just came for restraining; restraining her skin on her muscles which is hard now because of suffer of illness. Homa Rousta is always the reminder of the glamour of an actress; the very rare glory in Iranian cinema; glory which is completely appearance after her illness and senility. You can find parts of this glamour in her simplest behaviors in front of Sajjadi’d camera. Rousta avoids intelligently from whatever can fall her in the trap of simplification and banality of thought and memory and act. The obvious instance is when Hamid Labkhandeh (Host) says her romantic dialogue in front of her and reminisces an old performance; or when he reminds her love and Samandarian as a great romance; In both of these situations Rousta evades replying exactly like moments which is the interview be close to struggles and conflicts between actors; not because of this issue that talking about love is banal but this is because of her genuine in evaluation of a situation. Labkhandeh was the close friend of her and Samandarian and he knows many details of their life, even he sometimes does archness while interviews. So, exiting every each word from Rousta’s mouth can have and unwanted sequel and causes slipping to banality for her past and her personal worthy memories. Shared memories are narrated from different aspects, especially from aspect of Labkhandeh who was only the observer of their life not part of their relationship. Maybe Rousta doesn’t want to deface words of their close friend in front of camera. Instead of it, she talks more and more about her dreams and ideals and borders which have irrefrangible with public memories. A young girl who dreams of acting in the role of Desdemona in chemistry lab and in her short life never can find the opportunity to act on the scene of Othello but she does never forget her goals.