Art and Experience: The 14th edition of the Image of the Year Celebration was inaugurated at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) with a tribute paid to the great filmmaker and photographer Abbas Kiarostami on Sunday.

A number of friends, colleagues and coworkers gathered to talk about Kiarostami, the great personality they miss after 14 years of collaboration at the Image of the Year event.

“76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Kiarostami”, a montage film made by Kiarostami’s close friend Seifollah Samadian was screened for the participants.

The title of the film refers to the duration of Kiarostami’s life, 76 years and 15 days, and shows a picture of Kiarostami as a filmmaker, photographer, poet, graphic designer, video artist and even a carpenter.

“Today we are missing the one who was with us for the past 14 years. I hope the film has not made you sad, and even if you do not feel proud of living in the era of such great people, (at least) you feel happy about it,” Samadian, who is also the secretary of the event, said after the film screening.

Cinematographer Mahmud Kalari, a long friend of Kiarostami congratulated Samadian for celebrating the 14th year of the event, and said, “I cannot hide my feelings after watching the film made by Sadamdian, a friend of 40 years. I feel deeply happy and proud and have watched the film several times in Iran and other countries. This is the best film and the best window to help know Kiarostami,” he added.

He also mentioned that Kiarostami was a filmmaker who was seeking the answers to his personal questions through making his films, “He knew what concepts the answers carried and what forms they made.”

IAF Director Majid Rajabi-Memar, in another part of the program said that he heard the news of Kiarostami’s death when he was in South Korea. “It was interesting for me that in all the meetings the South Korean officials expressed condolences to me for losing a world famous artist.”

Actor and photographer Reza Kianian was next called on stage to unveil the two posters designed for the 35th Fajr International Film Festival scheduled to be held in Tehran from April 21 to 28.

The poster of the major section of the festival portrays a work from Kiarostami’s photo series “Snow White”, while the second one bears the image of the filmmaker, which has been designed for the sidelines of the festival named “The Friend’s Home Is Here”, referring to the title of Kiarostami’s acclaimed film “Where Is the Friend’s Home?”

The photos from the Plasco building tragedy and the death of Iran’s ex-president Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who died of a heart attack in early January, are displayed on the margins of the event, which will be running until March 10 at the forum located on Musavi St., Taleqani Ave.