Art and ExperienceIranian animation ‘Icky’ Directed by Parastou Kardgar won best animation award in the 16th edition of Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte in Italy.

The festival which celebrate cinema art in all its different forms, took place from October 11-14. Another Iranian film ‘Noise’ by Pouria Razi was nominated in the festival as well.

The story of Icky portrays a world where people have a solved Rubik’s cube as their head, but there’s a child in this world whose head is different from everyone else in that her Rubik’s cube remains unsolved.

Earlier, Icky has won several international awards from various festivals including best animation at Romania’s Short to the Point festival, best animation at Seattle festival, best animation at NCU’s international student festival and best director at Bollywood International Film Festival.

Launched in 2001, Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte aims to contribute to greater disclosure and affirmation of the values of Culture and Arts (painting, sculpture, literature, theater, dance, film, music, architecture, photography, comics, etc.) through the language of film. The Festival is open both to foreign and Italian producers, as well as cinema companies, associations and singles.

Source: Mehrnews