Art and Experience: The cinematheque of the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) in Tehran will review American filmmaker Larry Peerce’s 1967 movie “The Incident” tomorrow.

Veteran Iranian filmmaker Masud Kimiai and critic Keivan Kasirian will attend the review session, which will be organized after a screening at 5:30 pm.

Starring Martin Sheen and Tony Musante, “The Incident” is about Artie and Joe Ferrone, two young punks who take control of a car on a New York City subway train filled with passengers. Among other people, the train includes military officer Felix Teflinger and tough-talking Bill Wilks, as well as quiet Jewish man Sam Beckerman and his wife Bertha.

As the hostage situation stretches out, things become increasingly tense for everyone confined to the subway car.

Source: Tehrantimes