Art and Experience: In the first day of the 9th Cinéma Vérité “I am Nasser Hejazi”was well received by audiences.

The documentary “I am Nasser Hejazi” is about the life and activity of the legend Iranian coach and goalkeeper Nasser Hejazi in five seasons named I have a dream, Last resistant man, Killing Sohrab, Esteghlal to Esteghlal and Flight of Eagle.
Cast and Crew: Director: Nima Tabatabayi, Scriptwriter:Khosrow Naghibi, Sound: Mohammad Mortezayi, Edit: Mehdi Mehrnia, Narrators: Shahab Hosseini, Bahram Radan, Parviz Paradtouyi, Masoud Rayegan, Mehran Modiri, Roya Taymourian, Producers: Amir Rafeiee, Mostafa Elmifard
The director said: “I selected 3 different stages of Nasser Hejazi’s life: one reviewing his days of glory, on reviewing his childhood, and another dedicated to the betrayals he faced towards the end of his career.”
Commenting on the film’s research, he added: “The research took 4 months and the legend’s family provided us with excellent and original material.”
Nima Tabatabaei had previously made From Rio to Tehran about the former Brazilian international player Jerzinho who had visited Iran a few years before.
The 9th edition of Cinema Verite will begin next week in Tehran.