Art and Experience: ‘I Am Nasser Hejazi’ which is on screen of Art and Experience cinema in Tehran and other cities, will be on screen of a foreign country on Saturday and Sunday, 9 and 10 April in Canada.

Following the agreement between film owners, the life of the goalkeeper of the century in Asia ‘I Am Nasser Hejazi’ will be on screen on 9 and 10 April,  in York Richmond hill cinema in Canada for film lovers.

The documentary soon after its first night screening was banned due to a personal complaint filed by former Esteghlal of Tehran coach Amir Ghalenoei, who was upset about his black and white portrayal in the film. The documentary ‘I Am Nasser Hejazi’ looks upon the life of the former goalkeeper and head coach of Iranian football in five chapters, namely I Have a Dream, The Last Man Standing, Killing Sohrab, Esteghlal to Esteghlal and the Eagle’s Flight.

The ban was finally lifted a few days later once the film was edited and certain scenes were removed.