Art and Experience: Iranian short animation ‘I’ by Fatemeh Bekhnoodeh has been selected at Palm Springs International ShortFest due on June 21 in California.

Animated short movie I will go on screen at Palm Springs to find a way to attend the Oscars.

I is a two-dimensional animated short movie which was my MA dissertation in Tehran University of Arts,” Bekhnoodeh told Mehr News.

The movie is about a chameleons which is caught in modern life and choosing a human life for itself, is refrained from eating insects by his father.

I addresses adults, director said, and is deliberately not stuck in time and place hence it is not related to a special culture, time or place.

“The chameleons’ experience during the course of the story may happen to anyone in any situation and at any age,” Bekhnoodeh underlined.

A spin-off of the Palm Springs International Film Festival which takes place each January, the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films is held annually in Palm Springs, California, and is the largest film festival for short films in the United States.

The event takes place across seven days each June (21-27), showing more than 350 short films every year, and hosting a Short Film Market with over 3,000 new short films annually.