Art and Experience:

 Five Iranian movies are competing in the various section of the Mediawave on the Road Online Film Festival, which opened in the Hungarian city of Komarom on Tuesday.

“Tire-Lever” by Akbar Ruh and “I Will Wait” by Mohammad Shervani will be screened in the short competition of the festival, which will run until June 9.

“Tire-Lever” shows that sometimes people make decisions in order to live and survive in difficult conditions that questions humanity.

“I Will Wait” is about Soheila who leaves her infant at her neighbors in order to earn enough money, but they get upset with the baby and don’t want to take care of the infant. Soheila has to find a way for the baby so that she can continue at her work until her husband comes back from the war.

“The Mountain” co-produced by France and Iran and “Just for the Record” co-produced by Iran and Serbia will be competing in the animation category.

“The Mountain” directed by Amir-Mehdi Gharshi shows that human life is like a tumultuous path that everyone is doomed to follow.

Directed by Vojin Vasovic, the story of “Just for the Record” is set in an abandoned attic, in which dictaphone robot REC desperately tries to connect to тхе bird that stops on its window.

“Dusty Dream” directed by Soleiman Rahimi is competing in the documentary section.

This is a documentary about the traditional brick factory and families and even children whose lives and work are intertwined.