Art and Experience: Director Ahmad Kavari is making a screen adaptation of American novelist Howard Fast’s historical novel “The Immigrants” for a series, which is being produced at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

Jaber Qasemali is the writer of the series titled “Best Years of Our Lives” and Mahmudreza Takhshid is the producer of the 30-episode serial, which will be broadcast on Channel 3.

“Filming and editing of the series have been completed and we are now working on sound effects and music for the production,” Kavari told the Persian service of ILNA on Friday.

The story of the series is set during the 1950s in Iran, which was suffering from a drought. It is about a man named Yar-Mohammad who leaves his homeland to find a job in the north.

He begins working as an independent fisherman, ignoring Torab, a ruffian who blackmails fishermen in the region. Seeing his courage, Varesh, a young woman, whom Torab is in love with, falls in love with Yar-Mohammad.

“We tried to narrate Iran’s history from the 1950s. As the script is based on a very powerful novel, I am very optimistic that the viewers will like it,” Kavari added.

Alireza Kamali, Behnam Tashakor, Alireza Jalalitabar, Hedayat Hashemi, Borzu Arjomand, Dariush Kardan, Rahim Noruzi and Soheila Razavi are among the members of the cast for “Best Years of Our Lives”.

Source: Tehran times