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Iranian drama “Hot Scent” has won the Research Center for Fiction and Cinema Prize at the 43rd edition of Efebo d’Oro International Film and Fiction Awards in Italy.

Directed by Ali Ebrahimi, the film is about Maryam, a 20-year-old Iranian girl who is forced to lie about her relationship so as not to have to deal with the rigid rules of her family of origin. She has to pay a high price for her freedom, the price of lies and obstacles, which make her path dangerous.

The story features the difficult generational gap between parents and children.

Winners at the Efebo d’Oro awards were announced last week in Palermo.

The ANDE Cinema Donna Award was given to “Green Sea”, a co-production between Greece and Germany by Angeliki Antoniou.

The film follows Anna, who has lost her memory but she has never forgotten how to cook. Thanks to Roula, she finds a new job and, through the contact with food and the people who eat it, she manages to retrace her past and ultimately recover her lost identity.

As the director herself has underlined, cooking (alone or in the company of others) has been one of the activities that has accompanied, and in some cases even saved, people during the COVID-19 pandemic in households throughout the world. It is a simple, daily habit, but meaningful as it is in the protagonist’s life.

The French drama “Skies of Lebanon” (“Sous le ciel d’Alice”) received the Special Mention of Efebo Perspectives Jury.

The story of the film directed by Chloé Mazlo is set in the 1950s. Alice leaves Switzerland, the country where she was born, to move to Lebanon with Joseph, an astrophysicist with whom she is in love. Twenty years later, the life of the young couple is challenged by the outbreak of the civil war. The “pathways taking to the sky” are blocked from one moment to the other, but the gripping question remains open: to stay there or to leave?

The Special Prize by Students Jury went to Hugo Santa Cruz for the movie “My London Lullaby” from the UK.

The film is about Helena, a German actress and a victim of the new hostile policies of post-Brexit Great Britain. Here, as a consequence of those policies, a new social group has formed, called “those who stay”, because they have obtained a British passport.

Source: Tehrantimes