Art and Experience: “Hostess” by Omid Abdollahi will be in the 5th Festival of Iranian Films, which will open in Czech capital of Prague on Wednesday.

The short films “Slaughterhouse” by Behzad Abdi, “Needle” by Anahita Qazvinizadeh, “Hostess” by Omid Abdollahi, “Sormeh” by Azadeh Qochaq and “The Baby” by Ali Asghri will go on screen at the event.

“Hostess” by Omid Abdollahi was on the screen for the first time in the opening short film for International Short Film Festival of Tehran.

The 5th Festival of Iranian Films will initially be held with different sections like documentary, short film and feature movie from January 13 to 17. The festival will go on screen at Kino Scala in Brno on January 19 and 20.