Art and Experience: Recognized US film industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter has published a rave review of Iranian film ‘Hattrick’.

Directed by Ramtin Lavafi, the film was reviewed in a piece which was lauded by US trade magazine THR as “a well-crafted addition to the genre” of psychological thriller.

“The drama is brightly acted by a competent cast,” THR also praised the cast which includes names such as Amir Jadidi, Parinaz Izadyar, Mahour Alvand and Saber Abar.

In sports, hattrick means scoring three goals, wickets or home runs. Lavafi’s film was premiered at the Cinema Salvation section of 36th Fajr International Filmfest in Tehran.

A brief synopsis of the film reads, “A dull quote says people do not change overnight as we fail to look at them every so often.”

Source: ifilmtv