َArt & Experience: The 33rd Tehran Short Film Festival will be start from today with screening movies in different sections. The festival’s opening held in Imam Khomeini tabernacle with the presence of cinema managers and short film people.

According to news agency of the short film festival,  in the first day of the festival different movies in Iran race, International and  without competition sections were screened in Chaharsoo complex. According to this report not only we will have the movie screenings but also we will have different specialize sessions with the presence of cinema masters.

Analysis sessions with the topic of “The necessity of being experimental in cinema” is one of these kinds of sessions which includes three sessions: “Effects of cinema from experimental in arts” with the presence of Dr Ahmadi Alasti (The aesthetic expert) and Shadmehr Rastin(The screenwriter) , On Thursday, 12th of November; The session of ” The social basis creation of experimental cinema” with the presence of Dr Naser Fokohi(Writer and graduated from Political humanist) and Mohammadreza Aslani( Filmmaker, documentary maker and university professor) on Friday 13th of November, The session of “Place of mentality and unconsciousness in experimental cinema” with the attendance of Mohammad Sanati(Psychiatrist, psychoanalysis, university professor and writer ) and Toranj Mansori (Teacher, producer, editor and director) on Saturday 14th of November. The time of holding these sessions are 3:45 PM to 7:15 PM.

Other specialize sessions of  Tehran Short Film Festival includes: International specialize session for “Alen Bro” and “Sharlot Mick Mayer”. Specialize session of “Single film making” with the attendance of  “Sharlot Mick Mayer” will be held on Sunday 15th of November from 5:45 until 7:15 PM and  specialize session of “Personal language of filmmaker” with the attendance of “Alen Bro” will be held on Monday 16th of November.