Art and ExperienceAsghar Naeemi’s highly anticipated movie ‘Highlight’ has finally signed a screening contract for its initial public screening to be held between late February and March 2019.

When asked about the screening delays, producer Sasan Salour pointed out to the original screening date they had in mind as a time where there was a “traffic jam of films waiting to be screened”, adding that they decided to skip the wait and pick a better season for screening.

A romantic-drama, the caption of the film reads: “A car accident brings people face to face with each other. Caring for the injured and waiting for them to regain consciousness is a long and painful wait…”

Pejman BazeghiAzadeh Zarei , Sam Gharibian, Mina Vahid, Jamshid Hashempour, and Elaheh Hesari make up the main cast of the film.

According to Salour, the exact date for the first public screening of ‘Highlight’ will be announced after the 37th annual Fajr Film Festival.

Source: ifilmtv