Art and Experience: Abbas Amini’s feature ‘Hendi & Hormoz’, a co-production between Iran and Czech Republic, has been accepted into the competition programs of three upcoming film festivals in the UAE, Ireland and Italy.

On the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, according to local custom, thirteen-year-old Hendi is married off to sixteen-year-old Hormoz. Despite the fact that the young couple hardly know each other, they enjoy the beginning of their life together. However, events occur which darken their original joy and lead to unexpected outcomes.

Amini’s feature, which is a co-production between Iran and Czech Republic, will take part at the 7th Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth in the UAE, scheduled for 13th-18th October.

The film has also made it into the lineup of UNICEF Innocenti Film Festival, to be held in Florence, Italy, on 25 – 27 October 2019.

‘Hendi & Hormoz’ will also take part at the 30th Belfast Film Festival in Ireland.

Source: Mehrnews