Art and Experience: The second edition of Iran’s Health Film Festival has announced lineup of 44 films to compete at documentary section.

The selection committee chose the films from 164 submitted works for the documentary section.

The lineup includes titles such as ‘Separation’ by Shahram Derakhshan, ‘Wind Painter’ by Ezzatollah Parvazeh, ‘Dream Weavers’ by Seyyed Mohammad-Sadeq Jafari, and ‘Sara’ by Hadi Shariati.

The list also contains ‘Behind Black Clouds’ by Mohammad-Jafar Baqerinia, ‘Mahak Founder’ by Mohsen Abdolvahhab, ‘Hidden Lines’ by Mehdi Rakhshani, ‘Fate of Archive’ by Elham Aqalari, and ‘New Days’ by Yasser Khayyer.

Some other selected titles include ‘Advantage’ by Mohammad Kart, ‘Being Father’ by Morteza Jazzab, ‘Life Again’ by Nasser Saffar, ‘Mr. Forouzanfar’ by Mansour Gholami, ‘Light Blue’ by Arash Lahouti, and ‘Melika’ by Reza Majlesi.

‘Greenhouse Resident’ by Rasoul Enteshari, ‘Boomerang’ by Pedram Abouee, ‘Mother Earth, by Mahnaz Afzali, ‘Smoke’ by Mohammad Ehsani, ‘An Angel in My Home’ by Solmaz Sedqi as well as some other titles will also go on the event’s screen.

The Health Film Festival aims to collect brilliant ideas by inviting committed cinema artists whose concern is a healthy life for people.

The second edition of the festival is slated for August 23-27, 2017 in Tehran.

Source: ifilmtv