Art and Experience‘Kimia’ star Hassan Pourshirazi has recently joined the cast of television series ‘Dear Brother’ which is scheduled to air on Iranian television in Ramadhan.

Written by Saeed Nematollah and directed by Mohammad-Reza Ahanj, the series is currently wrapping up pre-production and is set to begin shooting sometime this week.

Hassan Pourshirazi will be joining veteran actor Ali Nasiriyan along with theatre actor Hessam Manzour as one of the main characters of the series, with the remaining actor’s names being announced in the upcoming days.

An award-winning actor, Pourshirazi has turned into a household name with many memorable performances under his belt.

Among the series he has appeared in are ‘Reyhaneh’‘Leila’s Loneliness’‘The Edge of Fire’‘My Sky’‘Stairway to Heaven’‘The Green Journey’‘Brother’, and ‘Kimia’ which is currently being aired on ifilm.

‘Dear Brother’ is a melodrama with a religious theme which is scheduled to air on Iranian television during the holy month of Ramadan.

Produced by Mohammad-Reza Shafiee, ‘Dear Brother’ will be another project in the long list of films which Shafiee and writer Saeed Nematollah have worked alongside each other as they did in the series ‘Like a Mother’ which was previously aired on ifilm.

Source: ifilmtv