Art and Experience: The 68th cast and crew meeting event of Art and Experience was held on Sunday 5 March in Cinema Museum. This event was dedicated to “The Ride” directed by Ali Khameneh Parast.

Mohsen Afshani,the young actor who also has a short role in this movie, was the presenter of this meeting. At the beginnig of this ceremony, he announced that the 69th Cast and Crew meeting event of Art and Experience group in year 94, will be held on Esfand 26th with the movie “Taboo” of Khosro Masumi. Mohsen Afshani mentioned his own personal memories of Fajr Cultural Center and said that Mr.Hassan Mostafavi had been their drama instructor in there and he owed him and he has proudly accepted to act in this movie because of his suggestion. Afshani added:”Mr.Mostafavi said that Ali Khameh-Parast was also young and they wanted to support him.That was a really good event that they got together after two years to see the result of work and he thanked the Art and Experience group that had been the supporter of cinematographers and more supports of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance would be drawn, God willing.”

Hassan Mostafavi, the producer of “Charter” also said to the audience in a short speech :”I don’t speak so much, i also told dear journalists that we produced an absolutely normal and unassuming movie, which has been produced completely cheap, and everyone including movie crews and actors, were not paid and they worked for free. In fact, I didn’t do anything as a producer.”

All the movie crews of front and behind of the camera came on the stage, each spoke to the audience a sentence. Most of movie crews asked for more support for independent cinema. Reza Naji, an actor acting in the first sequence of this movie, said:”I hope the new year would be a good and productive year for Iran’s cinema.” Ehsan Karami,the TV presenter and actor of this movie also said:”I played the role of a clergy in this movie. Usually in our country, each group of people that a movie is made about them, will protest against it. Clergymen won’t do it, but some other people will do.”

At the end, Hassan Mostafavi, the producer of “Charter”, said:”I wanted to present this movie to Master Abdollah Eskandari, but I understood that he will not need such a presentation. Our movie is about someone who is not a taxi driver but he is taxi driving. I will present this movie to all the drivers of cinema, of whom no one will think in Cinema day.”

Mostafavi added:” I’m always a production manager and I will always be. I prefer to be a professional production manager than an ordinary producer. I ask all the producers to cheapen the cinema and not to give a spurious and unreal estimation to the investors. Some producers, give a two-billion estimation to the investor, and finish the movie with 500 million Tomans, and will buy house with the rest of the budget. Producers should do something that the investor trusts in cinema.”