Art and ExperienceIranian short film ‘Gray Umbrella’ is scheduled to be screened at the Corti a Ponte film festival in Italy.

Directed by Mohmmad Poustindouz, the film is to vie at the 11th Corti a Point Short Film Festival.

Based on a loose adaptation of a short story by Argentinean writer Fernando Sorrentino, called ‘There’s a Man in the Habit of Hitting me on the Head with an Umbrella’, the ‘Gray Umbrella’ is the story of a man with a bad habit, until a man with an umbrella enters his life.

The film has won the Best Short Film award at the 40th edition of USA Film Festival.

Launched in 2008, as a festival of short films and music, Corti a Ponte was such an unexpected success to give rise to the desire to turn this event into a single stable annual event.

Started on May 04, the festival is scheduled to run until May 23, 2018 in Italy.

Source: ifilmtv