Art and Experience: The cast and crew of “Good Friends” came together during a special screening of the director Majid Qarizadeh’s drama at Tehran’s Tamasha Cinema on Friday to honor veteran actor Jamshid Mashayekhi for his lifetime achievements.

“Good Friends” starring Mashayekhi had its premiere in Iran last week.

“I thank everybody. I never care about separation of the city’s districts into poor and affluent areas; everywhere in Iran is my home,” Mashayekhi said at the theater, which is located in a poor Tehran neighborhood.

Qarizadeh who was in attendance at the meeting made a short speech.

“Both old and new directors of Iranian cinema are keen to work with master Mashayekhi,” said Qarizadeh who had previously collaborated with the 82-year-old actor in his “Grandfather” and “The Restless”.

“I had the honor of working with him for the first time over thirty years ago when I began to make ‘Grandfather’. The master gave me the opportunity as a young filmmaker to have him in my film,” he added.

“Good Friends” tells the story of a veteran actor who has been forgotten due to his rare appearances in film projects. Year after year, his colleagues plan to honor him with a special ceremony, but they don’t know where they can find him.