Art and Experience: Director Peyman Qasemkhani has said that his comedy “Good, Bad, Garish 2: The Secret Army” is not a political movie.

He made the remarks in a press conference at the Mellat Cineplex on Wednesday after the premiere of the film during the 38th Fajr Film Festival.

“I only made use of political topics to develop the story and I did not mean to have any specific orientation in my film,” Qasemkhani said.

“I do not make films to be box office hits and I don’t even make the slightest changes in the screenplays just to make the audience laugh more,” he added.

“We first intended to make a TV series but that was not possible, so then we decided to make a three-episode film, the third of which has not been written yet,” he remarked.

Starring Sam Derakhshani, Pejman Jamshidi, Hamed Komeili and Reyhaneh Parsa, “Good, Bad, Garish 2: The Secret Army” is a sequel to his 2017 comedy film “Good, Bad, Garish” about a film director who has to use two superstars for his new film contrary to his desires.

Qasemkhani also expressed his regrets over cutting several scenes played by actress Setareh Pesyani and added, “I must apologize to Pesyani for cutting some scenes, however, she appears in three scenes and her presence was quite necessary in the film.”

He also talked about the jokes uttered in the film, and said that he believes they are clean jokes and can be heard by all family members with no problem.

Source: Tehrantimes