Art and Experience: Writing about “Highlight” is not easy. The film is not related to mainstream cinema of Iranian Cinema, it is not the follower of it, it tries to offer a new type or lesser-seen type to Iranian audience. It is well-made one and it seems that there is so much work behind it and the director has tried hard to do whatever he could to make his perfect one and portrait the script; but some points have caused all these efforts go wrong. First Problem: The film doesn’t tell the straight story and wonders its audience until the end and doesn’t reply to the questions has made in his mind. This is the point which is not colorful in the beginning of the film while it is subcategorized as a thriller but later on it just helps to make the story unclear and ambiguous, however, the story is not beginning and end at all. Whenever a sign is appeared and the audience feels that a tie goes to open, the scriptwriter and then the director feels to face with another tie. They mislead the story again and again and add the ambiguity of the story more and more. It seems that they didn’t want to open the tie of the story and give a convincing explanation at last. It seems that they lost the border between realty and fiction and they were/ are not aware of it. Even at the end of the film, which we wait to see solution of all of the problems and ties we do not faced with it. Ambiguity is the necessity of every each thriller but opening the ties and pitches also is vital for it and the biggest problem of the film is this one. Second problem: Everything in the film is repetitive, from being writer of the main character to deface the border between reality and fiction. Maybe if the main situation of the story was less cliché the problem became lesser. Third Problem: Farzad Motamen is a good director. He has a good and high understanding of cinema and its genres but he must know that Iranian mainstream cinema is much more different with American one. Its audience also is different, so, it is not the host of every story or genre. Iranian audience can watch every foreign TV series in his home small TV but he cannot accept the Iranian weak model of it to watch on the big screen of cinema.