Art and Experience: Sattar Chamanigol’s debut feature ‘Golnesa’ has been accepted into the screening program of 40th Durban International Film Festival in South Africa.

Iranian feature ‘Golnesa’, directed by Sattar Chamanigol, will have two screenings on July 23 and July 28 at the 40th edition of Durban International Film Festival in South Africa.

‘Gonesa’ narrates the story of ‘Golmammad’ and ‘Golnesa’, a young Afghan couple, who are illegal immigrants and are working in a traditional brick making kiln. Following the events happening to them, their lives undergo certain changes.

South Africa’s longest-running film festival, the Durban International Film Festival generally runs across 12 days towards the end of July, presenting over 180 screenings of current films from around the world, with strong focus on South African and African cinema.

The 40th edition of the event is currently underway until July 28, 2019.

Source: Mehrnews