Art and ExperienceThe 2018 edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival in the US has honored Iranian feature ‘Golnesa’.

The Iranian feature succeeded to grab the Best Feature Film award at the US event.

Directed by Sattar Chamani-Gol, the Iranian movie tells the story of a young Afghan couple, Golmammad and Golnesa, who are illegal immigrants in Iran.

Working in a traditional brick-making kiln in the suburbs of Tehran, they have to deal with challenges of illegal immigration as well as routine life hardships.

Saeed Dakh, Saqi Zinati, Yeganeh Rajabi, Ali-Mohammad Radmanesh and Masoud Mohammadi are among the cast.

The film has taken part at some global cinematic events, including the 51st WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and the 21st Brooklyn Film Festival in the US, as well as the 3rd R.E.D International Film Festival in Norway.

It grabbed two awards at the 14th edition of the Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema in the capital city of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan.

Born in 1978 in the Iranian city of Sanandaj, Chamani-Gol began his professional career with theater in 1991 and made his first film in 2001.

Besides making a number of short films, series and acting in some titles, he has directed more than 20 documentaries.

The Global Nonviolent Film Festival (previously known as Brasov International Film Festival & Market) is an online film Festival and the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world.

The 7th edition of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival was held on September 20-30, 2018.

Source: ifilmtv