Art and Experience: The prominent Italian documentarian Gianfranco Rosi has been selected for the jury of the international section of the 11th edition of Cinema Verite, the organizers of the Iranian international festival for documentary films announced on Monday.

Last year, Rosi was invited to attend the festival but had to cancel his trip due to travel commitments to screen his documentary “Fuocoammare”, which was Italy’s contender for the best foreign-language film at the 2017 Oscars.

Rosi’s credits include “Boatman”, “Afterwords”, “Below Sea Level”, “El Sicario, Room 164”, “Sacro GRA” and “Fire at Sea”.

“Sacro GRA” won the Golden Lion at the 70th Venice International Film Festival in 2013. It was the first time in the history of the festival that the award was presented to a documentary film.

The 2016 film “Fire at Sea”, a documentary focusing on the European migrant crisis, won the Golden Bear at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival.

Rosi is the only documentary filmmaker who has won top prizes at major European film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

The Experimental and Documentary Film Center is the organizer of the Cinema Verite festival, which its 11th edition will be held in Tehran from December 10 to 17.

Source: Tehran Times