Art and Experience: “Spring in Autumn“ directed by Ghasideh Golmakani won the jury award at the official competition from the Italian “Hexagon Film Festival”.

Filmed in Russia and Iran, it tells the story of an Iranian woman who leaves her husband and travels to Russia. Memories of her world cup trip come up, as well as an uncomfortable secret… This film has been screened at more than 30 international festivals until now.

Sima Bürgin and Reza Kianian are the main actors of the film and the main crew are: Screenplay: Ghasideh Golmakani, David M. Lorenz, Script Advisor: Majid Movasseghi, Director of Photography: David M. Lorenz, Music and Sound: Yoones Eskandari, Voice-Over: Parichehr Khosravi, Coordinator: Zulfia Kamalova, Executive Producer: Saba Mohammad-Rezaei, Line Producer: Artem Osipenko, Producer: Thom Palmen, Ghasideh Golmakani


The third edition of “Hexagon Film Festival” was held from September 11 to 18, 2021 in the Tuscany region of Italy.