Art and Experience: ‘Salaam Mumbai’, Iranian-Indian drama directed by Ghorban Mohammadpour will be hosted by Germany.

Reza Nouri, who is in charge of international distribution of the feature film, said ‘Salaam Mumbai’ will be broadcasted in Hanover of Germany as of March 31.

The official highlighted that the cinematic production will be screened in 15 German cities at CinemaxX and Kinopolis chain theatres adding “on March 31, the film will be shown in Hanover while its screening will begin in Essen on April 01.”

He went on to note that on April 09, the Iranian-Indian production will be simultaneously unveiled in 13 German cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Bonn, Munich, Göttingen, Kiel, Karlsruhe, Koblenz, Darmstadt, Giessen, Oldenburg and Sulzbach.

Nouri further stressed that over 40 German cities will soon host Iranian films asserting that in addition to Germany, ‘Salaam Mumbai’ will be also screened in 10 British cities of London, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Mohammadpour’s drama film has been previously shown to viewers in Stockholm, Oslo and Rotterdam.

‘Salaam Mumbai’ recounts the story of an Iranian medical student, starred by Mohammad Reza Golzar, saves a woman, acted by Dia Mirza, from carrying through with a plan to commit suicide.