Art and Experience A gallery, Boum Gallery (Persian for ‘canvas’) has displayed a collection of Abbas Kiarostami’s select pictures in large sizes to pay tribute to this world-renowned artist and director.

‘Four Seasons’ was once opened by Kiarostami himself in January 1 2016 and had been open to March 21; now it has been reopened, this time to commemorate and honor the memory of the international celebrity. Kiarostami had been working strenuously in preparing for the public display the collection which includes six series of pictures which eternalize on canvas his worldview and specific angle he adopted in his films to the world and events; a coffee-table book captures a glimpse of this gallery pictures in a lavish and glowing pages of high-quality print, also prepared by Kiarostami himself.

The collection, aptly titled ‘Gates and Memories,’ is reminiscence of the nostalgic twisted and tight allies of the old Tehran; the colorings on the walls and the arrangement of pictures, along with a video-art work all serve to provide a comprehensive image of his perspective.

The six series are ‘Snow-white,’ ‘Roads,’ ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Gates and Memories,’ ‘Walls,’ and ‘A Window to Life’ all reflect the imagery and internal consciousness of Kiarostami’s cinematic works.

The gallery is open for 40 days (beginning 11 July) Monday-Friday (except for official holidays) for the interested public in Four Seasons Gallery, No 11, West Armaghan St., Vali Asr St.