Art and Experience: Armenian Film Week is scheduled to be held at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran, the Hoveizeh Cinema Complex in Mashhad and the Golestan Cinema Complex in Shiraz from July 23 to 29 and 10 films will go on screen during this film week which “ECLIPSE,” “Carpenter Expecting a Son” and “The Clay Man” are short films and “Armenian Sketches” is a long documentary.

Traditional and Modern Skills of Armenia 

“Armenian Sketches” is a long documentary aimed at depicting not only the sights and picturesque nature of Armenia and Yerevan, but also maintained its main focus on working people, who had created all that.The ten episodes of the film describe different national skills and crafts. Every story is dedicated to one of the many traditional skills –from the art of making carpets, musical instruments like an apricot-tree flute (duduk), lavash, wine or Armenian manuscripts to mastering new skills. “Malkhas” jazz club, architectural monuments, khachkars are also brought to public attention.The film may prove to work as a brand image of Armenia, Armenians and Yerevan for foreign visitors.The film was made with an assistance of the Ministry of Culture and the National Cinema Center of Armenia.

نجاری در انتظار پسر


Carpenter and Crucifixion Story

“Carpenter Expecting a Son” story: Daniel was a poor man, the head of a large family. His life changed little from day to day. Dawn… and the constant nagging of his wife, the silent suffering of his children, the struggle to make a living, and bitter sleep. He was a carpenter but also did odd jobs. One day he took part in a crucifixion. He didn’t know that one of the three crucified was the Nazarene. The never ending struggle to make ends me…



Another Life Spring 

In the 19 minute short film of “The Clay Man” an old man reaches a point of desperation and abandonment. He leads a lonely life in a hut situated in an outlying part of the village. He’s a potter, however no one needs his work any more. When he loses any reason to live, he decides to commit a suicide. A young boy arrives from the city and meets him- the boy is interested in the old man’s work and asks him to teach him pottery. Thus, the old man springs back to life.

طرح های ارمنی


War and Derelict Children

13 minute short film of “ECLIPSE” directed by Ara Ernjakan is about a number of derelict children who lost their parents in the war were sent to a center to be taken care of.