Art and Experience-Newsha Sadr: “The Hole” has a simple geography. The earthquake has destroyed a place which we never see it and instead of it, now there is a place named garage; an atmosphere with lack of unique signs of a special local or place. There is nothing to be remained. If there is some details in its local, they are not related to a special culture. There is just an atmosphere of nowhere which its unique address is a hole and then after there is a garage to repent something happened because of falling down in that hole. The hole is the center of the film. As If the world follows Karma rules without any complication; it means a rule that assumes the life as boomerang and it is used and practical in Hedonism or Buddhism and it has some political attitude too. “The Hole” punishes. The world’s cheaters fall down in the hole and those who are honest like the music band, pass from it and doesn’t fall into it. Finally, the well-digger punishes by the hole he has dag with losing his son. These are simple rules but they have made a small circle in the heart of greater world which do not act based on regulations or even it acts, the mind cannot connect them because of the difference between their structure and scale. Although, the signs of this greater world are not ignored in the film that you can forget about it. In somewhere in the world there was a place fell down because of an earthquake and in a nowhere which we see it, there is a new geography which just a hole is its significant. Based on this rule, that destruction and ruin is the cause of a greater Karma which hopefully the filmmaker didn’t point to it. He just has made a kind character like a young man who feels regret from their deeds and takes responsibilities from the heads and managers and said that this is the result of people’s deeds. However, the film has some structural lacks while it just made a nowhere just in front of the eye of camera, so its authority is under the shadow of this artificiality of this world made by the director not in the real world.