Art and ExperienceLineup of four Iranian feature and short films has been picked to vie at BUFF Malmo Film Festival in Sweden.

This year edition of the Swedish film event has selected three Iranian shorts which are ‘Paradise Dwellers’ by Ramin Samani, ‘Moustache’ by Afsoun Nejad and Arman Qolipour’s ‘Beyond the Fence’.

Directed by Abbas Amini, ‘Hendi and Hormoz’ is the feature title that has been also chosen to compete at the film festival.

‘Paradise Dwellers’ is a family drama that narrates the story of Fatameh, a young girl who is at home alone with her paralyzed grandmother. Once as her grandmother needs to go to the toilet, Fatameh finds herself helpless to put her granny on the wheelchair. She needs someone strong for help. She now has no choice but to ask Ali, the neighbor’s son, despite the fact that her mother won’t allow her to see him.

Qolipour’s documentary ‘Beyond the Fence’ tells the story of a teenage girl named Behnaz who is a really talented football player. She has a dream and that is to play for the Iranian football team as well as in the best European leagues. It doesn’t matter how hard she trains, being a girl and living in a small town brings about difficulties.

‘Moustache’ will have its first international appearance attending this film event. It will be in competition for Best short Film title.

And finally, Amini’s emotionally charged feature film, ‘Hendi and Hormoz’ chronicles the life story of two teenagers named Hendi and Hormoz.

16-year-old Hormoz is married to 14-year-old Hendi after he promises that he can work as a miner.

But the young man finds closed doors instead of a job. Gradually the game of life becomes serious and dangerous for both kids.

It is worth mentioning that an image of the film’s female character has decorated the poster for the official website of the film festival.

The latest edition of the BUFF Malmo Film Festival is to be held March 23-29, 2019.

Source: Mehrnews