Art and Experience: Iran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) has recently completed the production of a short animation named “Heaven” on forest fires.

The animation tells the story of a fox that catches and eats a crow but several events happen after the fox swallows the crow. A werewolf hunts the fox and sets the forest on fire.

“These days, forest fires have increased and it seems the some are set intentionally,” director Majidreza Eivazi said in a press release published on Monday by the DEFC.

“However, the animation shows how someone ignites a fire in the forest but then burns in the fire he has made,” he added.

He also said that it took two years to complete the animation and it is ready for screening.

Several forests and protected areas in different western and southwestern provinces of Khuzestan, Bushehr, Lorestan, Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad burned to ashes in early June.

The fire also swept through Khaeez protected area, measuring 28,000 hectares, which is one of the main habitats for wild goats in the Zagros forests. The area’s inaccessibility had made fire-fighting operations almost impossible, and only helicopters were able to reach the area.

Fierce winds, high altitude, dense vegetation and a lack of equipment and manpower made firefighting operations much more difficult.

Ranging wildfires also hit western Ilam and Kordestan provinces, causing extensive damage to old oak trees and part of the region’s vegetation.

Some 300 hectares of forests and rangelands near the town of Gachsaran were turned into ashes, as well as 200 hectares of forests in Kohkiluyeh.

Source: Tehrantimes