Art and Experience-Mina Akbari: One of the most important ways of communicating with previous generations and transferring the experiences of them to next generations is to change the experiences of previous to the lessons of students. Students are supposed to walk in the same path as the previous had passed on but in the heart of different society rather than before. Finally, young filmmakers face to those obstacles that the old had the same; they see the same horizon in the nature of their activity as the old filmmakers had seen before them. In such a situation, using the experiences of filmmakers of previous generation as educational material and some university units at schools can make the opportunity for fresh filmmakers to not repeat the same mistakes as they had. In other words; they must continue the way from the next step not from the exact point some had passed before. However, we all know that this conditions in university atmospheres of Iranian Cinema (both governmental and non-governmental universities) is something like dream rather than reality. One of the most important reasons of remoteness of universities from experiences of last generations, is on one hand politicization of universities and one the other hand themed and routine attitude to cinema. In the atmosphere of Iranian universities with presence of Iranian professors and students who have learnt basic principles, a new educational look to Nasser Taghvayi can be more useful and informative than look to Griffith’s and Eisenstein’s works. Short films of Taghvayi, which are all native and completely coped with cultural conditions of varied climates of Iran, are good examples. At the same time, this is the source of regret and sorrow that our university society deprives itself from such a unique source without any good reason and logic. Since many years ago, cinema schools are not in the shape of class, assignment, and exam but they have been changed to a place for making and possibility for joint of experiences. Due to the results of Iranian universities and destiny of cinema students in film market during recent decades, isn’t the time to get reed of useless and old attitude of cinematic history which are non-applied? Taghvayi can be a good start.