Art and Experience: Iran’s three short and animated movies will go on screen at International Women Film Festival in Florida.

Short film Forbids No Lie directed by Jamila Darolshafaee and animated moviesFrom the Eastern Lands and The Lady with Flower-Hair, directed by Sarah Tabibzadeh will be displayed in competition section of the first edition of International Women’s Film Festival in Florida to vie with works from different countries.

In No Lie, the friends of a young couple inform the man that the woman has secretly met with an ex-friend, Laden, whom they all had broken up with. The man does not trust Laden and is afraid she might put them in trouble.

From the Eastern Lands narrates a love story of a young boy and girl neighbors in eastern territories. Then the introduction of gravity, separation and reunion of the music and art that makes it easier to experience tough love.

The Lady with Flower Hair also recounts the story of a woman of forty, on whose hair has grown a set of carnations. She was different even from childhood.

International Women’s Film Festival will kick off on October 15-16, in Orlando city of Florida.