Art and Experience: Review session of “Flamingo No.13 ” directed by Hamid Reza Aliqolian will held in Artists House.

Following the review sessions of Art and Experience, Artists House is the host for “Flamingo No.13” on Sunday 7 May.  The film is going to be on screen at 5 PM and review session will start with the attendance of Hamid Reza Aliqolian as the director and Sahar Asrazad as the critic.

Directed by “Hamid Reza Aliqolian”, the script for the 80-minute film was written by poet Rasul Yunan who also acts in the film. “There is a professor in the film who plays a crucial role in the plot. We felt that Master Langerudi fit the role. Also he was member of the Anahita theater troupe many years ago,” Aliqolian told the Persian service of ISNA. “The film is about people who are exiled from their daily life in a far away place. One of the characters named Soleyman claims that he saw a flamingo with a bloody beak which belongs to distant lands,” the film’s scriptwriter and poet Rasul Yunan mentioned. The flamingo is a symbol of overcoming the limitations existing in the place of exile. Soleyman loses his life to prove his point but his wife Tamay cannot accept his death, he mentioned. Yunan described the film’s professor (Shams Langerudi) as the “light of the tragic story” who opposes all the injustice throughout the film.

Director : Hamid Reza Aligholian
Producer : Houman Ahmadi Tofighi
Screenwriter : Rasoul Younan
Casts :Shams Langroudi, Saeed Alipour, Rasoul Younan and..