Art and Experience: Iranian director Puran Derakhshandeh mostly known for her great attention on major social problems has warned of the rise of Iranian partners who are emotionally unavailable.

She gave the warning in a press conference during the 35th Fajr Film Festival on Saturday following a screening of her latest movie “Under the Smoky Roof” that is about emotionally unavailable spouses.

“Unfortunately, 90 percent of our people are living in such a condition,” said Derakhshandeh who spent two years making the film.

“The people include those spouses that have lived with each other for years and also those partners who intend to divorce just two weeks after their marriage,” she added.

She called the condition highly critical and criticized the official trend to conceal the problem. “We don’t think that these problems will lead to our downfall.”

“Under the Smoky Roof” is about Shirin whose relations with her son and husband are gradually ruined. Shirin faces a new challenge when she wants to restore the relationship.

Due to the official redlines for filmmaking in Iran, Derakhshandeh said that it was impossible for her to show some realities about the issue. However, she said that the film satisfies all her desires.

“When we are talking about a problem, we intend to find a solution for it,” said Derakhshandeh when she was asked whether the film is not disappointing.

“We want to raise awareness of the problem,” she added.

Derakhshandeh’s 2014 child drama “Hush! Girls Don’t Scream” was acclaimed at many international events.