Art and Experience: Filmmaker Ali Donyavi Saravi was honored with the Davud Rashidi Award on Friday.

He received the award from Rashidi’s widow Ehteram Borumand and daughter Leili, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Saturday.

The award was launched by late actor Rashidi’s family in 2017 to honor cultural figures with outstanding achievements.

This year, his family chose to present the award during the 9th Varesh Short Film Festival in the northern Iranian city of Babol in Mazandaran Province.

“We wanted to promote the festival, so we selected an artist from Mazandaran Province to be honored with the award,” Borumand said at after presenting Donyavi Saravi the award.

“In his career, this man (Donyavi Saravi) has done his best to promote the culture of his motherland,” she added.

“I’m so excited,” Donyavi Saravi said after receiving the award.

“I’m so grateful that they viewed me as deserving of this coveted award,” he added.

Donyavi Saravi is also the writer of numerous plays about Iranian luminaries, including poets Nima Yushij, Parvin Etesami, Malek ush-Shoaraye Bahar and Sohrab Sepehri.

Veteran actor Rashidi, star of memorable movies like Kiumars Purahamd’s “Bibi Chelcheleh”, Ali Hatami’s “Kamalolmolk”, and the acclaimed TV series “Hezardastan” and “Mokhtarnameh”, died on August 26, 2016 at the age of 83.

Source: Tehran times