Art and Experience: Filming on “Ahmed Bey”, a co-production between Iran and Algeria about Ahmed Bey, the last Ottoman Bey who ruled Algiers during the 19th century, has begun in the Algerian Center for Cinema Development – CADC, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Monday.

Iranian filmmaker Jamal Shurjeh is directing the project with an all-Algerian cast. Turaj Mansuri and Majid Mirfakhrai, both from Iran, are collaborating as cinematographer and stage manager respectively.

“Algeria attaches great importance to the project and the Algerian culture minister is repeatedly pursuing the matter,” the Iranian cultural attaché in Algeria, Amir Musavi, said.

Algerian actor Mohammad Tahir Zawi who stars as Ahmed Bey praised the Iranian team that is collaborating in this project and said, “They are very skilled in makeup, set and costume design.”

Samira Hadj-Djilani, who is the president of the Algerian Network of Businesswomen, is the producer of the film, which will be the first co-production between Iran and Algeria.

It depicts Ahmed Bey’s life from 1826 to 1848 when he ruled the Regency of Algiers.

As head of state, Ahmed Bey led the local population in fierce resistance against the French occupation forces. In 1837, the territory was conquered by the French, who reinstated Ahmed Bey as ruler of the region. He remained in this position until 1848, when the region became a part of the colony of Algiers and he was deposed.

Source: tehrantimes