Art and Experience: Seven Iranian films have been selected to premiere at Iranian theaters ahead of the Iranian New Year celebration, Noruz, which will begin on March 20, the Screening Council of the Culture Ministry announced on Monday.

The films will hit the theaters across the country on Wednesday.

Director Hadi Mohammadian’s animated movie “The Elephant King”, Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian’s drama “Lottery”, Alireza Davudnejad’s “Ferrari”, Ebrahim Hatamikia’s “Damascus Time” and Mehran Ahmadi’s directorial debut “Confiscation” are among the selected films.

Also included are the two comedies “Vespiary” by Borzu Niknejad and “Khargiush” by Mani Baghbani.

“The Elephant King” is about Shadfil, a funny baby elephant who must quickly find the courage to be the successor to his father as the leader of the elephants.

The story of “Lottery” revolves around trafficking in Iranian women to Arab countries.

“Ferrari” tells the story of Golnar, a young ambitious girl who moves from a remote Iranian town to Tehran just to pose with a luxurious Ferrari for photos.

“Damascus Time” tells the story of an Iranian pilot and his son as copilot who are seized by the Daesh forces in Syria when they are in the country to deliver a cargo of humanitarian relief supplies to people in a war-torn region.

The story of “Confiscation” starring Reza Attaran is set in the 1970s. It is about a man who works for SAVAK, the Shah’s Intelligence service.

Source: tehrantimes