Art and Experience:  Seven Iranian films have been selected to premiere at Iranian theaters ahead of the Iranian New Year celebration, Noruz, which will begin on March 20, the Screening Council of the Culture Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The films will hit the theaters across the country on Saturday.

The selection includes Bahram Tavakkoli’s “Gholamreza Takhti”, a movie about the life story of Iranian Olympic gold-medalist wrestler Gholamreza Takhti.

Takhti, whose manly virtue and social activities during the 1960s made him a national hero, was found dead at a hotel room in Tehran in 1968, and the Persian dailies Kayhan and Ettelaat reported that he has committed suicide for his unhappy domestic life. However, a large group of people also believed that he was killed by the SAVAK intelligence services due to his disloyalty to the Shah regime.

The acclaimed movie “6.5 for One Meter” by Saeid Rustai, a creative effort to depict the horrible image of narcotics, is also included.

Also included are “White-Forehead Deer” by Javad Hashemi, “The Prisoners” by Masud Dehnamaki, “Rahman 1400” by Manuchehr Hadi, “Four-Fingered” by Hamed Mohammadi and “Pig Genes” by Saeid Soheili.

Source: Tehran times