Art and Experience: A restored version of “Firdausi”, Iranian filmmaker Abdolhossein Sepanta’s 1934 biopic about the Persian poet Ferdowsi, will be screened at the Film Museum of Iran in Tehran on December 4.

About 20 minutes of the 90-minute movie, which has been restored by the National Film Archive of Iran, will be screened at the museum.

Starring Nosratollah Mohtasham, Sohrab Puri and Sepanta, the film was produced by the Imperial Film Company in Bombay, India.

Sepanta (1907-1969) was the director of some of the earliest sound films in Persian, including “Shirin and Farhad”, “Black Eyes” and “Leila and Majnun”. He was also the writer and actor of the first Iranian sound film, “The Lor Girl” by Ardeshir Irani.

Source: Tehrantimes