Art and Experience: Alireza Davudnejad, the director of the social drama “Ferrari”, has expressed his concern over the future of the younger generation and the perils threatening them.

Speaking at a press conference held after a screening of the film during the 35th Fajr film festival at Tehran’s Milad Tower on Thursday, he said, “I am seriously concerned about the younger and future generations of the country.”

“This path that they are following is highly dangerous and there are many warnings to them on this path,” he added.

Starring Tarlan Parvaneh and Mohsen Tanabandeh, “Ferrari” tells the story of Golnar, a young ambitious girl who moves from a remote Iranian town to Tehran just to pose with a luxurious Ferrari for photos.

“Unfortunately, as much as we go on, the spirit of passiveness and consumerism is increasingly promoted and the spirit of creativity and innovation is demoted,” Davudnejad lamented, calling the trend alarming.

“In my film, I don’t intend to show something unfamiliar to the audience; in fact, the audience is part of the world that is featured in the film,” he added.

The Fajr Film Festival comes to an end on February 9.