Art and Experience: Dutch writer and director Jean van de Velde who has made twelve films since 1979 and competed with The Silent Army in the Cannes Film Festival 2009.

Last year, the director was the guest of the European Film Week with the same acclaimed film, The Silent Army, and his filmmaking workshop was held in Tehran and Isfahan, with the participation of Iranian directors.

He has now spoken in a special video for “Art and Experience” about the state of corona prevalence in his country, how cinemas reopened and the resumption of film and television production, and the lesson that the COVID-19 the global pandemic taught us humans on Earth.

Commenting on Corona’s situation in his country, the director explained: “Corona started in half of March, and when the government declared ‘intelligent lock down’, meaning that all theaters, cinemas, museums and restaurants have been closed. Some of them will open again on the first of June which means in two weeks, but with very limited admissions of people, theaters and museums only allow 30 people in one room, even if its a theater for 1000 people, only thirty people are allowed, including actors and staffs. So you know, its just the beginning, and if this goes well, the situation may change from July 1 or August, and up to 200 people will be allowed to use each hall. Of course, this amount is not enough to turn the wheel of the cinema industry, but it somehow gives the feeling of a pleasant return to life as we knew it.

In another part of his video about film and television productions, Jean van de Velde stated: “Productions have been completely shut down; But I hope that the filming of some TV works will start on July 1, which will be in full compliance with health protocols. Only actors are tested; But the crew should remain at a distance. its very abnormal, but kind of the only good thing is that suddenly we all realized, here in the Netherlands and the West, the importance and luxury of freedom, because when the government suddenly announced and we had to stay in our homes, we could still stay with the members like family and loved ones, but we realized how difficult it is to live in these kind of situations when you are locked up or in prison; That you can’t go out and see the people you love, the friends you love to see. So the issue of freedom suddenly digs in and become a more serious issue for many people here and in Western societies. We are very lucky to have freedom more or less and we realize the importance of freedom, so perhaps this experience will eventually become a good phenomenon in near the future. I wish you all good health and a good life and freedom for the future.”