Art and ExperienceStarring actor Amin Hayaee and his son join private screening session of sequel to ifilm series ‘Made in Iran’.

The famed artist and his son Dara who is also an actor like his father attended the screening session held at a cineplex in Iranian capital city of Tehran.

Sequel directed by Borzou Niknejad is available on home release in Iran, starring  Hayaee and Mohammad-Reza Golzar who went to China for shooting some scenes of the new installment.

The sequel reportedly set in Iran, China and Lebanon comes after huge success of the original series run by ifilm January 5, 2018.

‘Made in Iran’ directed by Mohammad-Hossein Latifi is the story of an Iranian scientist who has come up with an invention that could change the world – a white powder that purifies any type of water and converts it into clean fuel.

However a two-bit thief named Gholam steals his briefcase containing the white powder and the laptop with the formula for it. On the run from the cops, he leaves Iran with a forged passport as the scientist. He goes to France and meets up with his childhood buddy. Both of them scheme to sell the invention and make a fortune.

Source: ifilmtv