Art and Experience: “Fath-Ali’s Heritage” is the name of Peyman Haghani’s new screenplay which he has finished recently with the cooperation of Hamidreza Keshani and Hossein Maaref and they are busy with rewriting it.

In the interview with Art and Experience site, the director of “316” talked about this screenplay: “Fath-Ali’s Heritage is a family and social drama and even though there are some naughty acts in its story telling but its not a movie like “316” to be categorized as an experimental movie.”

“I cant talk about the details a lot but this screenplay has 21 leading roles and in Iran’s cinema this is rare to have this much characters in a film. I can mention “Dayere Zangi” as one of these kinds of movies which had a lot of characters that none of them were verge characters.” Peyman Haghani said about the main trait of his screenplay.

“There isn’t any financial qualification for making this movie yet but we will try to have this movie in front of the camera by the end of this year.” Peyman Haghani who his film “316” started its screening from 6th of June in Art and Experience group and the screening of this movie is still going on after six months, said about this screenplay.

“316”  has been screened in Iranian Film Festival in Toronto called Cine-Iran and was well-received by Canadian and Iranian audiences of the festival.