Art and Experience: Farajollah Salahshoor, the director of “Men of Anjolos” and ”Prophet Joseph”, was passed away this morning Esfand 8,94.

Farajollah Salahshoor, born in 1331 in Qazvin, has the directing of historical-religious TV series like ”Prophet Jacob”, “Men of Anjolos”, ”Prophet Joseph” in his record. This works, especially the series of  ”Prophet Joseph”, had lots of audiences in many Islamic countries. Salahshoor was hospitalizeddue to his health deterioration in Baqiyatallah hospital since Dey 27,94 and he also wanted to direct the “Prophet Moses” series.

The Art and Experience group offers its condolence of this director’s death; to his works’ audience and his family, and demands God’s forgiveness for the deceased.

Hodjattallah Ayubi, the Head of Cinematography, also offered his condolence of Farajollah Salahshoor’s death by releasing a message. The body of the message is as follows:”I offer my condolence of the death of Master Farajollah Salahshoor to all culture residents. An artist who worked a life time to show effects of the beauty of the religion into the picture. The world of Islam and Muslims from East to West is known by the name of Haj Faraj and will never be forgotten. I would like to express my condolence to his supreme family and to all the people of Iran and I would like to ask for his eminence degrees from God.

The funeral of the deceased Farajollah Salahshoor will begin on Sunday Esfand 9th at 10 am from Bagh Feiz output of Ashrafi Esfahani Highway.