Art and Experience: Famous Iraqi-Dutch film director Mohamed Al-Daradji is going to make his new film in cooperation with Iran, saying that he would like to introduce the two nations’ culture to the world through cinema.

“The eight years of war between Iran and Iraq caused a lot of destruction but long after that when Iraq once again got involved in war, the Iranians came to our support while this also caused some confusions and misunderstandings. Therefore, we decided to answer them,” Al-Daradji told the Islamic Republic News Agency.

“Of course, these misunderstandings approached people who do not know much about Iran and Iraq shared culture and origins, and only bring back the memory of eight-years war,” he added.

Making a joint film is both financially and culturally reasonable and effective, he said.

A joint cinema production increases contacts between nations, especially in the Middle East, which is full of contradictions and misunderstandings.

He noted “the media in the world depict Iranian culture unrealistically,” stressing “by making a joint film, we intend to introduce the culture of the two nations better to the world and different from that of the Western media image.”

He further pointed out that making a joint Iranian film with other countries, especially with the Arab world, can have much greater effect on bringing countries closer to each other than what politicians do.

Mohamed Al-Daradji (born 6 August 1978 in Baghdad, Iraq) is an Iraqi-Dutch film director. He studied theater in Iraq, and cinematography and directing in England. He is known for his drama films, which focus on political affairs in the Middle East and their effects on interpersonal relationships.

Source: Mehrnews