Art and Experience: The technical stage for Iranian movie ‘The Final Fist’ is currently underway.

Directed by Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, the film has recently finished the editing stage and is currently producing the sounds and music.

Big names including Gohar KheirandishAhmad NajafiRamin Rastad and Fakhimzadeh himself star in the film.

The shooting for the comedy action drama has been fulfilled in Tehran and the northern cities of Iran.

Born in 1942, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh began his career as a stage actor in 1969 and made his movie debut with ‘Chubby’.

After entering the film industry as an actor, he tried his hand at directing and made ‘The Courtship’ in 1990 and ‘Spouse’ in 1994 which were both box office hits.

He has also appeared in ‘Yavar’ (1974), ‘The Courtship’ (1989), ‘The Chump’ (1991), ‘The Loneliest Commander’ (1997), ‘A Place of Love’ (2000), ‘Asleep and Awake’ (2002), ‘Marriage Iranian Style’ (2004), ‘Cry Out in Silence’ (2007), ‘Mokhtarnameh’ (2004-2009), ‘Building No.85’ (2010), ‘Lean on the Wind’ (2011).

Source: ifilmtv