Art and Experience:  The new executives of the Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts have made modifications to the festival policy to attract artists holding different perspectives.

Veteran graphic designer Ebrahim Haqiqi, who is the new president of the festival, and Hadi Mozaffari, the director of the policymaking council of the festival, attended a press conference on Tuesday to brief the media about the 11th edition of the event.

Mozaffari said that they have scrutinized the previous editions of the festival to improve the upcoming event.

He criticized those certain people who had divided artists into groups of pro-revolution and counterrevolution over the previous editions of the festival that is organized every year to mark the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

He said that this year’s festival will be organized in close collaboration with art galleries.

The organizers plan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the revolution in a special program titled “No. 40”.

Photo exhibitions on the revolution are scheduled to be organized in 40 cities and many artists will be honored for their lifetime achievements during the program.

The 11th Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts will be held in Tehran during February and March 2019.

A wide array of programs, including art exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, will be held at the Saba Art and Cultural Institute, Imam Ali (AS) Religious Arts Museum, Qasr Garden Museum and several art universities.

Source: Tehran Times